January 2013

Project @ I.D.E.A Program (EM-Lyon & Centrale Lyon)

From the analysis of bees’ ecosystem, and a hypothesis on the uses observed in the city of Lyon, we had to offer a new production activity and/or an innovative service. We were interested to means of communication set up by bees to protect their hives.


The biomimicry inspired us BelleRuche : a non-intrusive digital tool and accessible to all, which aims to facilitate the relationship between residents of a building, a neighborhood, or a city .


BelleRuche aims to recreate a neighborhood solidarity, to expand services and mutual assistance between neighbors, as well as boost our economic and social areas.


In practical terms, the BelleRuche object is a kind of substitute to intercoms which usually takes place in the entrances, it aims to recreate mutual aid between neighbors (for example: loan of a drill or a DVD, last minute babysitting etc ...). More than only thinking about the ergonomics of the object, and the performance of its interface, we had to create a business model that would give life to this new “proximity social network ».


Finally, the project was exhibited at the event "Lyon City Design” and is today an entrepreneurial project led by one of the founders students.


Team: Nicolas Guérin and Mohamed Farid.



+ Product design

+ Design thinking

+ Business planning

+ UX / UI

+ Digital fabrication

+ Biomimetism



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