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April 2015 @ ENSCI - Les ateliers

Workshop on requirements specification

During this week of workshop, we had to design an interactive installation and establish its technical specifications, but also to list the functionalities, the technical constraints, and materials or technology we would need to build the installation.


The Sensory cabin is an interactive installation that could take place in museums, galleries, or other enclosed spaces. This game was mainly designed for children and their parents, but it is also accessible to people with disabilities and/or wheelchair users. This cabin which seems to be quite ordinary from the outside is in fact an invitation to spend a virtual night in the forest. The purpose of the game, is to accomplish numerous tasks that allow the player to spend the night until sunrise.


To illustrate our project we drew a use scenario, and designed the cabin on Rhino.

Team: Ellen Zhao (graphic designer / Buro-GDS), Chloé Rivière (architect)



+ Interaction design

+ Requirements specification

+ Project management

+ Rhino



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