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October 2016

Hackathon #Arteplayground organized by Arte France, and the Numa

The Hackathon #Arteplayground was co-organized by Arte France, and the Numa where it took place from the 21 to 23 October 2016. Arte wanted to initiate a reflection on the distribution of its programs in the era of digital innovation, and tasked us to imagine, design and prototype innovative and creative services around its program grid.

Within a team of creatives, developers, and product owners, we came up with the concept of Arte Reveal. This web app purpose is to relieve Arte audience from the arduous task of selecting a video content out of their large and overwhelming program grid. By keeping in mind that Arte is broadcasting only high-quality content, we allowed ourselves to design a very quirky and immersive selection process for the user.

How does this work?

  1. The user takes a picture of an object in his surrounding.

  2. The app, which is linked to the Google Vision API can recognize whatever object, face or animal is on the image and labeled/characterized it by listing several words. 

  3. Then the machine goes into the Arte open API to search for video contents that were tagged with the same words.

  4. Finally, the app pushes to the user the most relevant video content, that he can decide to watch on the moment or to save for later.

The concept allowed us to win the first prize and gave us the opportunity to launch the web app for Arte Christmas campaign of 2016.

Team: Mehdi Aloufi (Developer), Marcia Cortes (Product owner)


+ Interaction design


+ Rapid prototyping

+ Gamification

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