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Marlene Schiappa


During this weekend of Hackathon, we worked in a multidisciplinary team to devise innovative solutions aiming at improving gender equality in the workplace. 

The figures show that, in France, women remain largely absent from the school programs, which has a direct impact on girls' self-esteem, and may result in their low commitment to literature careers.


In response to this failing, we created Le deuxième texte: a web platform aiming at providing teachers with texts written by women as well as pedagogical content. The objective is to support teachers in improving the visibility of female authors in school literature programs. So that young people, especially young girls, can identify with strong female figures.


At the end of the two days Hackathon, the team presented the project to Laurence Rossignol (Minister for Women's Rights) and the jury of ten people composed by institutionals, entrepreneurs, and journalists. Le deuxième texte won the Jury Prize as well as a coaching program of 4 months to make the prototype live. 


Team: Clémentine Brochier (Community manager), Anna-Livia Morand (Researcher in French Litterature, and former French Literature teacher), Philippe Gambette (Developer), Fil (Developer). 


+ Serivce design 

+ UX 

+ Graphic Design 

+ Education

+ Social innovation

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