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Interaction design Enkhetuya
Interaction design Enkhetuya
Interaction design Enkhetuya
Interaction design Enkhetuya


March 2015

Workshop « Surface + Vibration » directed by Bertrand Duplat (les Éditions Volumiques)

Enkhetuya is the result of an interaction design workshop directed by Bertrand Duplat (founder of “ les Editions Volumiques ”) at ENSCI-Les ateliers. The purpose of this workshop was to design an interactive installation involving a surface and vibrations. Objective was to story tell this installation, to integrate gaming features and use tools of rapid prototyping (like Arduino or Processing).


As a result, Enkhetuya installation offers an artistic vision of material mutation. The user’s hand acts like an orchestra conductor and material comes to life under the influence of vibrations generated by this movement.


An arduino card connected to a motion sensor and a sound amplifier, transform the gesture into audible frequencies.


The surface of the drum then moves to the rhythm of these frequencies, creating the non-Newtonian fluid dance. According to the force applied to the matter (water plus corn floor), it can instantly change of state, from liquid to solid and vice versa.


Magnified by a projection of the phenomenon in real time behind the « performer », the dance of the material takes on a dreamlike dimension, a kind of trance in which the shaman guides us through the spirits that appear.


Team : Chloé Fritsch (designer) and Anne Gaiss (artist).

All images by Véronique Huygue



+ Interaction design

+ Arduino

+ Storytelling

+ Gameplay



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