October 2015

@ ENSCI - Les ateliers

At the end of the year, Mastère CTC students organize an in-class exhibition to expose their diploma projects.


The exhibition takes place at l’ENSCI - Les ateliers and is the opportunity to share work with other students and professionals who followed them during the year. 


This year, we had to deal with a small budget and with tight deadlines, to deliver a strong visual identity and scenography.  


We had to imagine a concept that would uniquely illustrate our last year in Mastère CTC.

We were 11 students from very different background: architects, designers, artists, graphic designers. We drew around an « X » to refer to this year of skills, thoughts, and ideas sharing, a year of mutual help, a kind of a crossroads of influences.


All images by Véronique Huygue



+ Visual identity

+ Scenography

+ Cultural mediation

+ Project management



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