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March 2015

Service design workshop led by

Matthew Marino (User Studio)

After showing us some examples of service design projects that User Studio carried out, Matthew Marino asked us « If one day, IKEA creates a bank, what kind of services will it provides to its customers? ».

So we started by describing a journey map of a current bank customer, we identified the different contact points that banks already use to communicate with the customer (agencies and bank advisors, website or apps for smartphone, prospectus etc) and then we created personnas : customers that could be interested by IKEA’s BANK new services.


My team tried to stick as closely as possible to the IKEA’s brand identity (values​, graphics etc.) to offer a nice concept of bank opened to the whole family, from the youngest member to the oldest one. Its services allows families to see very pragmatically their economies, since its members are able to save money individually or collectively in order to complete specific projects. Thus, IKEA’S BANK can help children to understand the value of money and teach them about budgeting and savings in a fun and entertaining way.


At the end of the week, we were able to put forward a number of ideas to the User studio’s team, thanks to :

- journey map of a family visiting IKEA 'S BANK - touch point : a summary that shows the savings achieved by each family member.


Team : Catherine Ludden, Freia Achenbach and Francisco Nunes (design students)



+ Design service

+ Brand identity

+ Graphic design

+ Prototyping