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Interaction design
Interaction design
Interaction design
Interaction design
Interaction design


December 2013

Lyon Light Festival @ I.D.E.A Program (EM-Lyon & Centrale Lyon)

Every December 8th, Lyon’s residents light small candles that they put on their windowsills, to thank Virgin Mary for saving them from the plague. Nowadays, the Festival of the lights attracts tourists from around the world who come to see spectacular lights and interactive installations.


For this occasion, we were instructed to give life to a parking area by cladding its 18 street lamps. We had to create a lighting, interactive installation on the theme « Medusa electronicae ».


Uprooted from their aquatic environment, our jellyfish invited visitors to connect to them through technological tentacles equipped with "pulse sensor." This way, these immaculate white jellyfishes try to obtain the necessary energy to survive on our land. This is a metaphor of our virtual lives where we blindly entrust our personal information to big brands present on the web (Google, Facebook, etc …)

Thanks to my background in communication, I had the opportunity with a team to set up all the communication plan around the event. We were also present on the evening of 8th December to provide information about our installations to visitors.


Team: Justin Brisset, Claire Maissiat, Pierre Wyittorsky and Raphaël Azot. 


+ Interaction design

+ Digital fabrication

+ Projet management

+ Communication

+ Cultural Mediation



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