May_October 2015

Diploma project @ ENSCI - Les ateliers

Parenté Sensorialité addresses the issue of blind parenting and blind parents’ interactions with their children. The project consists of two "smart" objects, both having a double meaning: the playful aspect of each object hides a utilitarian dimension for the visually impaired parent and a pedagogical dimension for the child.


Oh Mont Bateau allows the parent to easily determine the right level of water needed for child’s bath. When the water in the tub reaches 10 cm, a buzzer sounds to alert the parent that the bath is ready. Once in the bath, the child can enjoy this privileged moment and play with its parent.


Colorino offers to assist the blind parent in a «  sighted world’ and his children in the learning of colors. Colorino has two modes of operation. In the first mode, Colorino reveals the color of the object on which it is pointed. The parent may, for example, use it to determine the color of a garment in order to match an outfit. In the second mode - funnier - Colorino gives a color that the child must find in the objects of his surroundings.


Mentor : Marie Coirié (Care&Co)

All images by Véronique Huygue



+ Universal design

+ Ethnographic design 

+ Human centered design

+ Product development 

+ Social innovation

+ Arduino



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