January 2013

Project @ I.D.E.A Program

(EM-Lyon & Centrale Lyon)

The Challenge of Ecole Centrale Lyon is one of the biggest student sports competition gathering about 3,000 athletes coming from more than 25 different schools.


Students from the IDEA Program and engineering students from Ecole Centrale were invited to share their different skills in order to design the Challenge’s podium for the final ceremony.


We had the opportunity to work with Luc Fusaro and benefit from his advices. After studying engineering at Ecole Centrale Lyon, he integrated the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, and was selected to design the podium of the London Olympics in 2012.


After several design explorations and given the time, facilities and financial constraints, we developed a neat and minimalist design putting emphasis on the logo of the Challenge of Ecole Centrale Lyon.


The basis of the podium was made of nine different wooden structures assembled together, including the façade. Red neon lights were placed underneath the façade to create reflections on the ground during the night ceremonies and elevate the winners on the podium.



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