March 2015

Datathon D4D by MIT Media Lab

and Orange

The Challenge D4D (Data for development) co-organized by Orange, and the MIT Media Lab, took place in, a French information-technology school.

During this week of Datathon, we worked in multidisciplinary team in order to devise innovative solutions by using Big Data. These solutions aim at improving AMEA population's (Africa, Middle East, Asia) well-being and living conditions. Orange provided us more than 66Go of data on use of mobile phones in these countries (call duration, antenna localisations, etc.).


The main concern of this project is to improve Resilience after an environmental crisis in a southern city.


During the preparation phase before crisis, records of inhabitants’ habits (like patterns of mobility or communications) are done in order to characterize the situation before crisis. Providing suitable visualizations of the resilience dynamic will then do assessments of the improvements. The goal is to help citizens to represent these improvements and to take advantage of them in their daily lives.


We took as an example the city of Dakar during the flooding that occurred in August 2013.


Team : Onil Goubier (developer), Alvaro Peralta (researcher), Aurélie Thouron (designer), Serge Stinckwich (researcher). 



+ Serivce design

+ UX

+ Graphic Design

+ Big Data

+ Data vizualisation



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